Brian G. M. Main

Working Papers and Related:

1. E
vidence Papers:

1.1 Response to Financial Reporting Council (FRC) Consultation on Directors’ Remuneration,

December 2013:

'Response to FRC call for evidence'


1.2 Evidence submitted 27 April 2012 to Kay Report consultation:

'Response to call for further evidence'


1.3 Evidence submitted 27 April 2012 to BIS Voting Rights consultation:

'Response to call for evidence'


1.4 Evidence submitted to BIS consultation 24 November 2011:

'Response to BIS call for evidence'


1.5 Evidence submitted to Kay Review of Equity Markets - 18 November 2011:

'Response to KAY call for evidence'

2. Background Materials from Public Talks and Publications:


2.1 Remuneration Committee interview study (Summer 2011):

Semi-structured Interview Schedule

Paper on RemCo Interview study

2.2 David Hume Institute Lecture at the Royal Society of Edinburgh:

"Executive Pay - a career perspective"


(1 June 2011)


"Executive Pay - a Career Perspective" - background paper


Audio file of seminar and ensuing discussion at The RSE


Follow up technical paper -

'Career Shares - policy implementation'


2.3 Correlation Matrix from Industrial and Corporate Change (2010).

(Correlation matrix: stata correlation)



2.4 Interview protocal for Corporate Governance. An International Review (2008)



3. Difficult to locate Materials:


3.1 1992 paper on Remuneration Committees:

'The Remuneration Committee as an Instrument of Corporate Governance'

with James Johnston, The David Hume Institute, Hume Occasional Paper No. 35, 1992, 54 pp. (ISBN 1 870482 31 X).






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